Our Story

With a family story that begins in an old hotel on the main street of a small southern town, it is no wonder that we were inspired to bring warmth and comfort into every home. Our great-grandparents, Fay Hazen and Cora Belle Deberry, left a legacy of welcome and kindness, and we hope to imbue every one of our rugs with a piece of that spirit.

Fay + Belle carries two distinct types of rugs, catering to both the adventurous spirit as well as to those of us looking for plush customization. 

 Our vintage overdyed rugs from Turkey take on a whole new life after being rescued, cleaned, bleached, and dyed. Each vintage rug is one of a kind, and we never know exactly how it will look until it arrives. What's more, they are super durable and hold up to heavy daily traffic. 

 Our plush Nepalese rug can be customized in every way possible: from size, to materials, to colors, and even pattern. Whether casual or formal, these wool and silk rugs invite comfort and warmth to every room.

We have spent a lot of time traveling the world to find the best materials and makers of unique rugs, and we sincerely hope you enjoy the results!